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It’s moving to witness the power of choreography ... but to Mr. Iverson’s credit, the bravery of the participants is neither sensationalized or sugarcoated, even when what they’re sharing is nothing short of remarkable.”
— Gia Kourlas, The New York Times
Another documentary that’s landing on our must-see list is director David Iverson’s Capturing Grace.
— San Jose Mercury News
An uplifting, beautiful film, this is highly recommended (3 1/2 out of 4 stars).
— T. Keogh, Video Librarian
A remarkable portrait...
— Glancing Askance (Scarsdale Inquirer)
This uplifting film, which celebrates the dancers’ courage and the teachers’ patience and kindness, demonstrates the healing power of art.
— Candace Smith, Booklist (starred review)
...a quintessential ‘New York’ documentary...valiantly attempt[s] to distill all that’s magical and right and hopeful about New York
— Zeba Blay, Indiewire
A must-see ...
— Sarah Kaufman, dance critic for the Washington Post
Beautifully directed by David Iverson ... One can’t help but be deeply moved by these real people as we listen to their stories being told.
— Kathryn Turney, StageBuddy
Dance can’t heal it, but as Iverson’s film demonstrates, it can be a powerful tool in combatting some of its effects ... dance takes the disease, which could separate body from spirit, and unifies it, the outcome of which is shining, graceful humanity.
— By Erin Bomboy, The Dance Enthusiast

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Audience response

Laughing and crying, I moved the slider back several times to see the teaching, the community spirit, and the wonderful wonderful character sketches of the dancers. This is really an extraordinary work. I just wanted to add my praise to all that’s come and all that will follow.
— Judith Sachs, Health Writer
Phenomenal. Very moving and beautifully done.
— Ellen Talles, Dance Movement Therapist
Capturing Grace is a remarkable and powerful film. The warmth of the company, together with everyone’s strength and humor, resonate throughout the film. Fabulous, moving and uplifting.
— Ceri Higgins, Filmmaker
Thank you for a beautiful film and a tremendous celebration of the strength of these dancers and the power of dance.

— J.P., Menlo Park, CA
A remarkable, inspiring work of art!
— --R.B., Connecticut
We were all in tears throughout the film - it was so powerful and honest. I felt deeply inspired after seeing the film. It felt like being in the room with the dancers, and it felt like where I belonged - in that place where dance is not about perfection and pain, it is about discovery, creativity and freedom.
— S.L., Denver, CO
Beautiful. It presents PD and the program in a clear and balanced light, neither too sweet nor too serious.
— C.H., New York, NY
Thank you for creating such a beautiful and thought provoking film. I used to be one of the many who thought a diagnosis of PD was a death sentence. It is not, actually it’s the beginning of a new journey. It is up to us which path we take on that journey. We have many choices in this life at every turn. It is so encouraging to see that intestinal fortitude molded and shaped into art.
— J.W.