Capturing Grace: Perspectives

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Photo: Foundation for Community Dance (UK), Photographer: Rachel Cherry

Photo: Foundation for Community Dance (UK), Photographer: Rachel Cherry

Aspen Arts Director Damian Woetzel interviews Dave Iverson and David Leventhal as part of an Aspen Institute event in Washington. 

The Capturing Grace: Perspectives initiative uses the timely themes and probing stories of Dave Iverson’s film as a springboard for education, advocacy and community dialogue. A selection of innovative, thoughtfully-conceived modules allows you to customize the experience for a variety of specific constituents—medical students, physicians and allied health professionals, people living with a chronic condition, scholars and policy-makers interested in creative aging, and the general public. 

From a self-contained screening kit to a full-day workshop, Perspectives offers flexible options that build knowledge and propel participants, groups and communities forward by tapping into the unique insight and momentum that only the arts can provide. 

Stanford University, Brown University, the Foundation for Community Dance, the Arts & Ideas Festival, Aspen Institute, and other innovative institutions and organizations have presented Perspectives events to universal acclaim.

Thank you for a fantastic program. It was one of the best presentations we’ve had, and one of the better attended. You have a clinician’s grasp of the issues, and an artist’s view of the world—it’s a potent combination.
— Scott Alderman, Founding Director, Center for Narrative Practice; former Administrative Director, Program in Narrative Medicine Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Perspectives residencies provide:

+ A unique opportunity to combine the power of the performing arts and the art of story telling to further advance creative aging strategies

+ Insight and workshop facilitation from an skilled interdisciplinary team: Dave Iverson, an Emmy award winning filmmaker diagnosed with PD in 2004; David Leventhal, Bessie award-winning dancer and Bonander Humanitarian award winning Dance for PD program director; Pamela Quinn, in-demand movement coach and former professional dancer who’s lived with PD since 1997; Deepu Gowda, MD, an internist and faculty member in the innovative Program on Narrative Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; and Soania Mathur, MD, a family physician with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease whose activities as a speaker, educator, advocate and write help her share her personal and professional knowledge to educate and inspire those living with PD.

+ A customized package of multi-disciplinary presentations and workshops that draw upon the team’s background as practitioners and patients, as teachers, dancers, doctors and storytellers to provide participants with new and engaging strategies for creative aging

+ Workshops can be customized and adapted to highlight a variety of specific themes and critical social issues including Creative Aging, Parkinson’s disease, Arts and Health, Narrative Medicine, Medicine and Humanities, Caring for Carepartners, Patient Advocacy, and Dance, Medicine, and Community.